Cargo and Freights

On November 27th, 2023, the Port Terminal Multipurpose Limited (PTML) in Lagos State witnessed a historic event – the arrival of the largest vessel ever to visit the West African sub-region. This colossal ship, named MV Great Lagos, is owned by the Grimaldi Group and stands as a testament to modern engineering and environmental consciousness.

Stretching an impressive 250 meters in length and boasting a beam of 38 meters, MV Great Lagos is a marvel of modern shipbuilding. Its deadweight capacity of over 45,000 tonnes allows it to carry a staggering amount of cargo, including:

  • 4.7 kilometers of rolling freight
  • 2,500 car equivalent units
  • 2,000 twenty-foot equivalent units

This translates to significant logistical advantages, enabling the efficient movement of goods across the region.

The arrival of MV Great Lagos marks a significant milestone for several reasons:

  • Boost to Nigeria’s maritime sector: The vessel’s presence highlights the growing capabilities and capacity of Nigerian ports to handle large and sophisticated vessels. This development is expected to attract further investments and strengthen the country’s maritime trade.
  • Enhanced trade efficiency: The vessel’s massive cargo capacity promises increased efficiency in the transportation of goods, which will benefit businesses and consumers throughout the region. This could lead to lower transportation costs and faster delivery times.
  • Symbol of innovation: MV Great Lagos embodies the advancements in modern shipbuilding technology. Its design incorporates innovative features that improve fuel efficiency and minimize environmental impact, making it a welcome development for sustainable trade practices.

The arrival of MV Great Lagos has been met with great excitement and anticipation. Government officials, industry leaders, and the general public have all hailed it as a positive step forward for Nigeria and the West African region. With its size, capacity, and technological advancements, MV Great Lagos is undoubtedly a game-changer for maritime trade in the region. It marks a new chapter in the region’s economic development and paves the way for a more efficient and sustainable future for trade and logistics.

Who owns MV Great Lagos ship

The MV Great Lagos ship is owned by the Grimaldi Group, a multinational Italian shipping and logistics company headquartered in Naples, Italy.

Image of Grimaldi Group logo

The Grimaldi Group is a leading operator in the Ro-Ro and container shipping sectors, with a fleet of over 130 vessels serving Europe, the Mediterranean, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Image of Grimaldi Group fleet

The MV Great Lagos is a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly Ro-Ro vessel that was built in 2023. It is the largest ship of its type ever to visit the West African sub-region.

Image of MV Great Lagos ship

The ship is 249 meters long, 39 meters wide, and has a deadweight of 47,528 tonnes. It can carry up to 4,700 linear meters of rolling cargo, 2,500 car equivalent units, and 2,000 twenty-foot equivalent units.

The MV Great Lagos is equipped with a number of environmentally friendly features, such as a high-efficiency engine that reduces fuel consumption and emissions. It also has a ballast water treatment system that prevents the spread of invasive species.

The arrival of the MV Great Lagos in Lagos in December 2023 marked a significant milestone for the West African sub-region. The ship’s size and capacity will help to boost trade in the region and create new economic opportunities.