The news of the Canadian government making adjustments concerning immigration has been of concern for a while, as many have earlier expected some kind of change, notwithstanding, this long-awaited change is now implemented.

The case of having enough money to pay for study and upkeep whilst in Canada is one that is so common among Nigerians; various means including borrowing are considered in order to scale this hurdle. The average Nigerian student provides a bank statement of a minimum of 30 million naira($35,300 CAD) and most times it is still not sufficient as visas are not granted. This new challenge will have a very significant impact on the lives of those who desire to study or live in Canada. This charge is for the principal applicant and excludes dependents.

source InfoPlace Canada

According to CICNEWS, the IRCC is increasing the cost-of-living requirement for study permit seekers to $20,365 CAD, after you might have already factored the tuition fee for the first academic year. If we should simplify this, it means a bank statement of up to 40million naira will be needed in order to have a study permit issued to a Nigerian applicant.

This is a new hurdle coupled with the challenge study visa applicants face with regard to provinces being full.

The question thus is, ” What is the way out?” With other parts of the world not having this high-cost of living and tuition, Nigerians may look towards them for respite; what awaits the immigration services of other nations particularly in the Schengen region is untold given the mass exodus of Nigerians.



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