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Optimized International Shipping Rates and Proficient Export Services to Canada, USA, and UK**

Experience economical and reliable international shipping solutions with TD Travel and Logistics. Our newly adjusted shipping rates cater to businesses exporting to Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising service quality.

*Updated International Shipping Rates:*

– *Canada Shipping Rates:*
– Packages 0kg – 9kg: ₦105,000 (Minimum flat rate)
– Packages 10kg and above: ₦14,000 per kg

*USA Shipping Rates:*
– Packages 0kg – 9kg: ₦110,000 (Minimum flat rate)
– Packages 10kg and above: ₦13,500 per kg

*UK Shipping Rates:*
– Packages 0kg – 9kg: ₦80,000 (Minimum flat rate)
– Packages 10kg and above: ₦7,500 per kg

– *Specialized UK Fish Shipment Rates:*
– Expedited/Express fish shipments: ₦17,500 per kg (inclusive of air freight, door-to-door delivery, and customs clearance)

*Enhance Your Export Potential with TD Travel and Logistics:*

– *Export Compliance Expertise:* Our knowledge of up-to-date export regulations ensures smooth processing and legal compliance for your shipments.

– *Customized Packaging Solutions:* Optimize packaging to protect goods, reduce shipping expenses, and align with international regulations.

– *Comprehensive Cargo Insurance:* Safeguard your investments during transit with our insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind.

– *Logistics Partnerships:* Benefit from our extensive network of logistics partners for personalized and efficient export solutions.

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*Choose TD Travel and Logistics for Your Export Needs:*

– *Guaranteed On-time Delivery:* We prioritize timely delivery of international shipments, ensuring business continuity.

– *Transparent and Competitive Pricing:* Our rates are competitive and free from hidden charges, fostering transparency and trust.

– *Export Compliance and Clearance:* Our expertise in customs clearance and export procedures simplifies international trade.

– *Diverse Cargo Handling:* We ensure secure handling of various cargo types, adapting to the unique requirements of each shipment.

– *Exceptional Customer Service:* Our dedicated team is committed to supporting your export objectives, providing exceptional service.

*Embark on Global Expansion with TD Travel and Logistics:*

Unlock the potential of global markets with TD Travel and Logistics as your trusted partner. We are ready to contribute to your growth and foster a long-lasting business relationship.

*Call to Action:*

Contact us today to discuss your specific shipping needs, receive a tailored quote, or learn more about our special offer on your first shipment. We look forward to empowering your export success.

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Discover competitive international shipping rates and expert export services with TD Travel and Logistics. Our updated rates for Canada, USA, and UK shipments are designed to support your business growth. Visit our website for details on our comprehensive export solutions.