It is no news that the UK based on recent statistics is on a workforce shortage and are open to recruiting TRAINED AND QUALIFIED personnel for these job opening. So many people have previously embarked on this pathway without sufficient information and desperate agencies have capitalized on the ignorance; the stories with some persons have not been satisfying, as they are either faulted for not having practical experience or some other issue as regarding their job efficiency. This is where we have decided to step in..

In partnership with our international partner, we have created a pathway that does not only get you to the UK, but also qualifies your proper for the job awaiting you. From the training to the assessment, the retreats and job interview, we have streamlined a working structure that enables you comfortably switch professions with ease should you desire a switch, or rather, get trained in another profession and thus prepared for the job awaiting you.

With the next batch starting in January 2024, this is the right time to start the on-boarding process, wherein you are registered for the training and your information uploaded to the portal where your progress assessment in done. Payment are made made in two installments to serve as and easy means to join the system.

Hurry now! Limited spaces are available with each batch. Call or send a WhatsApp message            to +234 703 159 2553.