Canada is today the most sought after travel destinations around the world with special reference to Nigerians or rather, West Africans. Canada is indeed a dream destination as it promises a much desired life especially for those trying to migrate from 3rd world countries.

Canada being the second largest country by land mass after Russia, she has the potential of holding comfortable an estimated 300 million persons. Unfortunately, the are strict measures in place to ensure Canada is not overcrowded and these measures has over time made access to Canada somewhat cumbersome.

Many seek to live and work in Canada regardless the measures in place to reduce the influx, people sell properties, take loans, or get involved in one thing or the other in other for them to raise funds for this purpose that is to travel and live in Canada; so many have failed and lost so much resources, others have succeeded and are already there; however, there is one pathway that is 99.9% certain to deliver – the Work Visa Pathway.

This pathway may be seen to many as expensive, while to others and a waste of money, depending on perspective it could be right or wrong; notwithstanding, we want to provide you with the right option.

With our branch and partners already in Canada, we have a working means to make sure every Naira spent on this pathway is worth it. We do not only get you a job, we get you suitable jobs particularly to your specialty or professional strength; jobs like nursing, care-giving, carpentry, fruit picking, drivers, engineers, teachers, etc. All of these can be secured through our team in Canada.

So this is a wake up call to those who wish to live and work in Canada, do not visit then switch to work, it is very difficult to achieve, or do not hope you will be able to land a permanent job after graduation. Follow the work permit route as it is worth every dime invested.

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